Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial and industrial plumbing is a specialized field that many plumbers find overwhelming. For Schlosser & Associates, complex projects involving (delete such as) main water and sewer lines buried under parking lots or hanging in parking structures are nothing new. Multiple property management companies and business owners, restaurants, hotels, and commercial sites trust us to maintain and repair their facilities.

Get Plumbing Help Now – As a business owner, you know how devastating a plumbing emergency can be. Some possibly catastrophic scenarios are:

  • A call is placed to Health Services, closing down your restaurant for unsanitary kitchen or restroom conditions related to plumbing or water issues.
  • Large-scale plumbing, sewer, or hot water problems affecting the tenants or guests at your apartment complex or hotel.

Schlosser & Associates can:
Prevent plumbing problems through a maintenance program by providing small or large scale emergency plumbing services any time, day or night, avoiding disastrous consequences for your business.

As experienced commercial plumbers, we address the following areas, and more:

  • Maintenance Service Agreements to keep your business functioning optimally
  • Area Drains (Flood Management and Restoration)
  • Water Hydrant Emergency Management
  • Apartment Complex Plumbing Emergencies, Both Small and Large Scale
  • Facility Maintenance Dilemmas
  • Commercial Water Heater Failure (Installation and Repair)
  • Commercial/Restaurant Kitchen Installs (New & Remodeled)
  • Unclog Industrial Drains and Pipes
  • Clear Commercial Pipes or Sewer Lines
  • Restore Your Business (Water and Sewerage Damage Restoration)
  • Detect and Fix Leaks, Even in Hard-To-Reach Places
  • Toilet or Public Restroom Repairs or Replacement
  • Water Mains
  • Sewer Lines
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Compressed Air Lines

We pride ourselves on being 24/7 plumbers who:

  • Specialize in Emergency Plumbing Response.
  • Respond immediately and give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

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